My name is Lisa – Welcome to my site! This is a space where I will communicate my thoughts (obviously) on things that interest me as I work towards building LAGOM Studio from scratch. Since returning from my year in OZ and after my stint in Vietnam I feel it is time to work on me and what will make me happy. So that I can live my best life possible. Something we should all be doing probably. And this is a big step towards it. By regularly blogging it will help keep me accountable towards reaching my goals and establishing LAGOM Studio.

What is LAGOM Studio?

LAGOM is a Swedish term and it means ‘just the right amount’, ‘not too much and not too little’. It represents moderation. LAGOM Studio is a sustainable and ethical clothing brand that I want to encompass its very meaning. Fashion should not be throw away, it is simply not feasible in today’s world. It should be of a high quality, it should be made from sustainable materials and in ethical conditions. I want to turn around the fashion industry and create a new definition of what is deemed acceptable.